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So, technically I should hate these guys. I got my grad degree from UT Austin (Go 'Horns!) and these guys are based in College Station, home of bitter rivals the Texas A&M Aggies.

But what they're building-- and how they're building it-- is just so cool you can't help but be a fan. They've got spunk, they have attitude, and they have some great companies involved.

They are a Texas-based program named after giant Japanese wrestlers. (WTF?)

Plus, what other accelerator has a "Hot Pepper Pitch?" (double WTF)

We are pleased to bring you Accelerator of the Week #10: Seed Sumo.

In just one sentence, what is your accelerator called and what do you do?

We are Seed Sumo and we run an early stage accelerator every Summer; funding ~10 companies at $50k each.

What makes your program different or unique? Whats your primary value-add?   

We offer 100-day bootcamp focused on execution and customer acquisition; we don't just groom our companies to pitch on Demo Day (though the founders get plenty of pitch practice with the best VCs). We have grown real businesses from zip to $300MM/yr in revenue. Our campus is the best in the country and you work near one of the fastest growing consumer companies in the US.

What do you love the most about working with startups? 

I’ve grown several companies from zip to $20MM/yr in revenue and I usually get bored around that time. Starting and growing a startup is the most exciting thing in the world to do.

What is the hardest or most surprising part of working with startups? 

Lack of know-how surprised me the most. The first cohort we did, I assumed they knew small things like task management, email etiquette, etc. So now we cover all the basics to make sure we have execution. The hardest part is breaking down beliefs that they hold onto; that I know from experience are going to make it hard to succeed.

Do you have a success story to share? Who are the most notable or interesting companies to go through your program? 

So right now we have 2 that really stick out in my head. Gazoo is doing some amazing things and is really disrupting the datacenter space. They have had people begging to fund them for a while, and now it’s really about to get interesting. Another one is Unseen. They have gone viral across college campuses and are now launching into Brazil.

How, if in any way, has Foundersuite helped your company? 

Foundersuite is now a staple in our accelerator and we have all of our founders use it.

Finally, what is your best tip for running a startup? 

Surround yourself with excellent people that make you a well rounded team. Team is all that matters in the end. Your business model will constantly be changing, so know it well.

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Nathan Beckord

Written by Nathan Beckord

Nathan Beckord is Founder and CEO of, a venture-backed startup that makes the leading CRM for raising capital. Previously, Nathan ran VentureArchetypes and served as advisor or interim CFO at dozens of startups, including Kickstarter, Clicker, Autonet, Zerply, and many more. Nathan has an MBA and CFA and is a fanatical sailor.