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I recently attended Hustle Con, a conference for non-technical startup founders. It was by far my favorite conference I have been to this year. The speakers were from some of the fastest growing startups, including Mattermark, Headspace and Bonobos, to name but a few. These founders know how to "hustle like a boss," and have built multi-million dollar companies in the process. Who wouldn't want insider tips on how to do that?

I first came across Hustle Media when I attended a content workshop with founder Sam Parr. His enthusiasm for what he does is so infectious he could motivate a sloth to sprint. I signed up for the Hustle Media newsletter and quickly snapped up a ticket. I arrived bright and early at the Paramount in Oakland-- so early that I was the first person there!

IMG_2589 Hustlers are first in line

I nabbed my seat in the front row and from the get-go the atmosphere was pumped and positive. Everybody was ready to learn.


As I listened to each of the talks, I considered what it truly means to be a hustler. Here are the top ten traits that I identified to "hustle like a boss":

1. They know what they want, and wont stop until they get it.

giphy (11)

From a young age the hustler asks for more, and knows they want to achieve far beyond the norm. What might seem outlandish and unrealistic to some, the hustler sees as a challenge waiting to be tackled.

2. They stand out from the crowd.

giphy (22)

You can often spot a hustler. They have a certain air of quiet confidence that says they mean business. They are also fun to be around and inspire confidence in others.

3. They take the bull by the horns.

giphy (18)

Agonising over whether to do something is not a problem a hustler has. They reach decisions quickly, then act fast before someone else snaps up a great idea.

4. What you might see as stubborn, they consider determined.

giphy (27)

With bullish drive the hustler can at times seem stubborn. They are willing to take direction but it is unlikely to have a huge impact on their vision. Their confidence in what they believe is what drives them forward.

5. They don’t fear failure.

giphy (1)

It’s no coincidence that the term hustle is synonymous with gambling. Taking risks excites hustlers, even if the odds are stacked against them. Doing something and failing is better than sitting on the fence.

 6. They have a "no pity party" policy.

giphy (25)

There is no time for moping when you have a vision to achieve. Shit happens, things go wrong, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out as planned. How you bounce back from that is key.

7. They know there is no ‘I' in team.

giphy (15)

Despite an inherent ability to get a lot done on their own, they recognise the merits of others. They are willing to accept guidance and assistance. In fact, they enjoy seeing others thrive alongside them and can be great mentors.

 8. They cut through the bullsh*t.

giphy (29)

Excuses won’t wash with a hustler. If you are not pulling your weight or delivering what you promised, then you will know about it. Be warned.

9. Money is not their prime motivator.

giphy (12)

Sure, they aren’t doing it for free, but the game is more valuable than the prize for a hustler. Really disrupting an industry, or changing the status quo is far more satisfying than the financial gain.

10 They don’t boast about their achievements.

giphy (8)

Despite their awesomeness, a true hustler is very low-key about what they have done. They are not out to impress and are not looking for your approval.

A big thanks to the organisers, speakers and volunteers who made Hustle Con such a great event. I can't wait to do it all again next year!




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Pip Brangam

Written by Pip Brangam

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