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If you're like me, you probably meet and work with a lot of new and interesting people. But how often do you really have a sense of what people can do, or even what your co-workers are working on? Probably not that often = opportunity lost.

SkillGravity, a startup founded by Alina Kharina (say it 5x fast) is more than just another professional network -- it's a tool you can use to communicate with your co-workers on a global basis, and to fully leverage utilize the skillsets of your employees.

Read on for a remarkably positive and upbeat SOTW!

Startup #7: SkillGravity

In just one sentence, what is your company offering/what do you do?

SkillGravity is an intelligent search engine platform for enterprises that helps them reduce the cost of hiring external talent and better utilize the skill sets and expertise the employees at hand already possess.

What is the one thing you love the most about running a startup?

I love the different challenges we are facing every single day. You need guts in order to take risks, motivate yourself and your team while creating positive pressure on the process. Fail, wake up and continue the rollercoaster ride. You can not only dream big, you can make your dreams come true while staying focused, enthusiastic and strong.

What is the hardest or most surprising part of running a startup?

I think the ability to wear several hats sometimes can be really surprising / challenging. You usually create a team and clearly divide responsibilities at the very beginning. But at the end of the day you find out yourself doing something completely new. Passion and a strong desire to achieve success and make the world a little better can make a huge impact on your everyday life and help you to open any door.

Another challenge is to be strong and not give up when you hear a constant “No”. Usually you have two options: to change or to resist. And it doesn’t matter which one you choose, with the right “can do” attitude you eventually achieve results.

Do you have a success story (big or small) you would like to share?

We have been bootstrapping the company for almost 2 years. We have faced lots of rejections and failures, and we've had the "small" complication of the founding team being fresh immigrants in the United States; yet we never give up. We pivoted the strategy, business model, target audience a zillion times before we actually found the perfect fit for the market. I’m proud that my team and I managed to make valuable partnerships and acquire users with zero marketing budget and we also surrounded the company with Silicon Valley industry leaders and influencers who advise the company on regular basis.

How, if in any way, has Foundersuite helped your company?

The best part about Foundersuite is that it is very visual. Sometimes it is hard to see the whole picture and the progress you have made while looking at bullet points and milestones you have achieved or not. Graphics make it much easier. While looking at our Progress Chart it is more convenient to see and analyze the impact of every step you make (or want to make). That helps a lot.

Finally, what is your best tip for running a startup?

Just do it, follow your gut and never give up. Always search and change fast.

--Thank you tons to Alina and SkillGravity!  Best of luck to you all.

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Nathan Beckord

Written by Nathan Beckord

Nathan Beckord is Founder and CEO of, a venture-backed startup that makes the leading CRM for raising capital. Previously, Nathan ran VentureArchetypes and served as advisor or interim CFO at dozens of startups, including Kickstarter, Clicker, Autonet, Zerply, and many more. Nathan has an MBA and CFA and is a fanatical sailor.