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Did you know that people only remember about 10% of what they read? Whereas if you combine that text with images and tell that story visually, people are able to retain 68% of it. No wonder Switch Video is so successful! Andrew Angus is the co-founder and CEO of both Switch Video, and a new company that has sprung out of this success -- Switch Merge.

Startup #4: Switch Video

In just one sentence, what is your company offering/what do you do?

At Switch Video we help our clients tell their story using animated video, so they can connect with their audience and increase conversions and drive success for their company. 

What is the one thing you love the most about running a startup?

The thing I love the most is the ability to react, change and create. 

Do you have a success story (big or small) you would like to share?

The fact that we started in a really small town in Ontario, and have now grown to be one of the top producers in the world of video, is something I am really proud of. We have two offices: sales and marketing are in San Francisco, and production is in a really small town a couple of hours north of Toronto. There are a lot of challenges to running a business in a small town when you operate and work with such huge companies, but there are a lot of benefits as well, so it’s been a really interesting experience. And you know -- I’m blown away every day that companies like Amazon, Facebook and LinkedIn rely on us to produce video content for them. 

How, if in any way, has Foundersuite helped your company?

With Switch Video I own a 100% of the company, and we haven’t raised any outside money other than from friends and family; which are all loans. We are now spinning out this new company called Switch Merge, and in the next couple of weeks we’re starting to fundraise. We will be using Foundersuite to track our investors and hoping that the Investor CRM will be a huge help for us when raising money for our new company. 

Finally, what is your best tip for running a startup?

Make sure that you’re ready to make the commitment that has to be made. Trying to grow a company is a big deal, and a lot of responsibility. I’ve committed a lot of time and a lot of myself during this past seven years. So all in all, be ready to compromise and make the decisions you have to in order to be successful. 

About Switch Merge

Switch Merge builds on Switch Video, but creates a platform for personalizing video, so that we can take one video and personalize it for ten thousands, hundred thousands, or even millions of people -- so that each person that sees that video sees a copy of a video that’s personalized just for them. We can personalize someone’s name and have the text change, and we can also add in a photo. So if I’m sending out a sales email I can pull in their photo from LinkedIn so that they can see themselves right inside that video. We can also draw charts showing projected ROI that is personalized just for them, and change the voiceover so that their name actually changes to their company name and their title. This gives me a scalable business rather than a creative service business.

Switch Merge has also been selected as an GrowthBeat Innovation Showdown finalist, which is taking place in the next couple of days. Switch Merge is one of the eight finalists, chosen among a hundred quality startup applicants - what an accomplishment!

Thank you Andrew, and the best of luck in the GrowthBeat Innovation Showdown!

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Nathan Beckord

Written by Nathan Beckord

Nathan Beckord is Founder and CEO of, a venture-backed startup that makes the leading CRM for raising capital. Previously, Nathan ran VentureArchetypes and served as advisor or interim CFO at dozens of startups, including Kickstarter, Clicker, Autonet, Zerply, and many more. Nathan has an MBA and CFA and is a fanatical sailor.