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In the near future, it looks as if we will all be driving electric cars and even potentially moving to Mars! Team Uniti are ahead of the curve with their version of the electric car. I spoke with their founder about their experience and inspiration.

How did you come up with the idea for your startup? What is the founding story or inspiration?'

Modern passenger cars cause far too much unnecessary harm, are over complex, overweight, overpowered and overpriced for crowded city mobility. There is overwhelming evidence that we need to rethink personal urban mobility, and the market is eager for something new. This was the basis for the idea. It started as a research project at Lund University. The department was run by Uniti founder Lewis Horne, and it was focused on using social means to make dramatic changes in the world. After achieving a certain degree of momentum in the region, we transitioned to a startup in January 2016.

In just one sentence, what is your company? What do you do?

Uniti is a Swedish electric car start-up focusing on a simplified modular vehicle platform, highly sustainable materials and processes, and a user experience that matches the most advanced consumer electronics.

What do you love the most about running a startup?

Finding solutions for challenges that are going to define society in the future. The diversity of tasks and the steep learning curve that comes with it. Working with a young team of ambitious people, who want to reach their full potential. Collaborating with other startups that are driven by a compelling vision.


What is the hardest or most surprising part about running a startup?

Aligning everybody’s individual efforts with the right strategic direction for the company as well as with the individual’s interest and learning goals.

Do you have any success stories, (big or small) you would like to share?

Considering how far Uniti has come with developing and showcasing a prototype of our first interior cockpit concept including VR test-drive, launching the Uniti ARC as our first product and capturing the attention of a broad audience, we can very comfortably say that our whole endeavour so far has been a success story.

How, if in any way, had Foundersuite helped your company?

Foundersuite helps us to store all investment-related documentation in one single platform and manage the interactions with potential investors.

Finally, what is your best tip, hack, or piece of advice for entrepreneurs?

First and foremost understand that the courage to try new things and speak about your passion and vision are great advantages, and they’re free! It’s also important to get as far a possible with your product before you start talking to investors. Prove yourself by showing how far you can come with non-financial resources, and understand the importance of a healthy company culture. Finally, take breaks when you need to ensure you perform your best.

UPDATE: Uniti just kicked off a FundedByMe campaign. Check it out:

Pip Brangam

Written by Pip Brangam

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