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We recently produced the second in a series of three conferences titled "Startup BD: Hacking The Strategic Partnership."

(#1) Here's the keynote from Matt Van Horn, former VP of Biz Dev at Path, who presents an excellent talk on "Startup BD Hacks":

.                                  (Video navigation powered by Vilynx)

(#2) And, here's the panel discussion featuring Daniel Levine of Dropbox, Bob Buch of SocialWire (ex BD at AOL and Digg), Maksim Ioffe of AirPair (ex BD at Pivotal), Jake Orrin of Quixey, and Cristina Cordova of Stripe (ex BD at Pulse):

.                                  (Video navigation powered by Vilynx)

(#3) Video overview of the Biz Dev event and some interviews with the speakers/panelists:


Fun times and a huge thanks to all our panelists!   We will be doing one more of these events on February 20th so mark your calendars now.

Keep up with all the details at


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Written by theman