This "How I Raised It" podcast episode is with George Arison of Shift Cars (, an online car shopping platform that brings the car to your door for test drives.

Shift's Recent Venture Round

Shift most recently raised $181 million of Series D venture funding in a deal led by Lithia Motors. BMW i Ventures, Alliance Ventures, G2VP, Highland Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, DCM Ventures, Threshold Ventures, 122 West ventures, MicroVentures and other investors also participated.

Episode Details

In this episode, George talks about how fundraising is a process of "VC thesis matching," how he raised the seed round by going back to previous bosses and co-workers, how startup valuations really work, tips for surviving a downturn, why the next few years will be great for founders, and more.

What Nobody Likes To Talk About: "Down Rounds"

We also go deep into what happens during a "down round" and how to best deal with it -- for example, getting existing investors to commit to a price, dealing with anti-dilution clauses, changing the liquidation stack, increasing the option pool to keep employees happy, and more.

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